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Our Homeschooling Journey

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After 3 years of private Montessori education for our daughter, my husband and I wanted a reprieve from costly tuition. We still however, required high quality education with diverse learning options. A great family friend shared the positive experience that she and her 1st grade daughter were having at Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA), a


Pennsylvania-based cyber charter school. We trust our friend's judgement, so we enrolled our daughter in CCA the upcoming year. 7 years later, CCA continues to meet and exceed our needs. 

While CCA has many valuable features, the most important benefit to us is that

we get to have 

primary influence over our daughter. 

CCA Features Most Valuable to Us

  • NO COST 

  • Free laptop and printer (+ Fixes)

  • $150 stipend provided 4 times a year for any unmet expenses 

  • Structured learning plans with a curriculum facilitated online by a team of instructors

  • Live weekly Zoom classrooms with teachers and students, with smaller breakout groups for collaboration 

  • Teachers that truly respond like partners in education

  • Fascinating clubs and electives available at every age (Our daughter took computer coding and Spanish in 1st grade, and Arabic in 3rd grade)

  • Field trips that are free or low cost, and provide socialization with classmates in your region 


The Benefits Most Important to Us about Cyber School

  • Structured online learning and an established curriculum enables our daughter to learn to full capacity, while also enabling me to work from home full-time 

  • Remote learning gives us the ability to travel without interruption (#theRemoteLife)

  • My mother and I both play a role as learning coach; an active role in her learning and development

  • Our child is safely at home

  • Our child is under our primary influence



We Recommend Cyber School for you if:

  • You are looking to facilitate your child's learning 100% from home

  • You need an established learning infrastructure

  • You want the curriculum Teacher-lead  

  • You need learning supplies provided




For a Pennsylvania cyber school

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Because Every Journey Is Unique,

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